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The Chemsex Monologues

Presenter: The GC at the German Club
Artist/Company: Dragonflies Theatre
Artform: Theatre
Rating: M
Origin: UK/AUS
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A nameless narrator, a sexy boy, a fag hag, and a sexual health worker explore the high world of chillouts. Direct from multiple sell-out runs in London, The Chemsex Monologues makes its international debut at Adelaide Fringe.

"The Chemsex Monologues might well be the desperately needed conversation starter we've been waiting for." Dazed

★★★★★ "An extraordinary tapestry of pleasure and pain, woven together with wit and weight by a master wordsmith." Gay Times

★★★★★ "An amazingly well written and performed insight." London Theatre

★★★★★ "Peppered with rich humour and entertaining on many levels... strikingly thought-provoking work." ACT Drop

★★★★ "Hard hitting and tough to watch." West End Wilma

"An incredibly powerful, moving and funny piece of writing." - EQView

"The Chemsex Monologues will make you laugh, cry, think, love, hurt and hope." QX Magazine

"Intense and thought provoking scenes... go see this if you possibly can" Jack The Lad

TalkFringe Reviews

  1. Samantha T.
    GD Star Rating

    This show has been described as “incredibly powerful, moving and funny”. They stole my words! It bears repeating though, as that’s exactly what this show is. Powerful. Moving. Funny.

    The reason it can be all those adjectives (and more) in one show is testament to the quality of acting. Four talented and articulate individuals each shared monologues that one by one built up a story, interweaving the characters through the narrative. Each story was captivating and riveting.

    I was along for the ride as the stories moved through many emotions. Shame, euphoria, frustration, sadness, shock, anticipation, grief, trust, love, desire, joy, embarrassment, confusion. Together the stories painted a big picture of the drug scene within the gay community. There were strong messages about safe sex, drug testing and the dangers of over-use. These messages were relayed through different experiences of the characters; a narrator, a sexy geezer, a fag hag and a sexual health worker.

    “This is so real”, I heard a fellow audience member say as he and his friends were laughing along. The stories were hitting the right note, were relatable and engaging.

    The sexual health worker related an extremely humorous anecdote about carrying a suitcase full of condoms and lube on public transport with disastrous results. Amongst his humour he posed thought provoking questions such as, “Why do people take drugs? And “Why do so many gay men want to be outside of themselves?” Questions to muse on well after the show had finished.

    Reading the acting, writing and directing credits afterwards, I wasn’t surprised to see such extensive and varied experience. The training and experience shines through in the quality and the ability to transfix the audience.

    Thought provoking. Intense. Absorbing. Humorous and entertaining. This is a show that stays with you.

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