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The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf

Presenter: Prying Eye Productions
Artform: Dance
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Dance, theatre and comedy are fused into a great big hilarious wonderland that you can't resist!

Take a wild ride on this rollicking adventure that unleashes the untamed inner wolf that hides within us all. A powerful experience, this highly relatable production flips 'normal' upside down and swats at the relentlessly buzzing mosquito that is anxiety. As with all fables, in our modern times we must re-examine our assumptions and explore new perspectives; Prying Eye re-imagine well known wolf tales within the context of today's society.

"This is contemporary dance but not as you know it!" - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

*A work of critical relevance that creatively invokes conversation about anxiety, 'WOLF' has been made in consultation with Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.

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  1. Bert R.
    GD Star Rating

    Engaging, Entertaining and Very Well Performed.

    I’m not usually overly effusive in discussing shows as I walk out of them, but there was only one thing I could say about ‘Wolf’ as I walked out of the theatre: “Geez, I enjoyed that. It was bloody brilliant”. What made it so good was the structure and presentation of its key themes, wrapped around a heady mixture of contemporary dance, theatre and comedy. Wolf is about anxiety and the way it can dominate the lives and thoughts of sufferers. That sounds pretty heavy stuff, but with a combination of humour and a very clever arrangement of the story elements Prying Eye Productions has taken something complex, even life threatening, and presented it in a way which is accessible, understandable, sympathetic and most of all very entertaining.

    It’s also a strikingly well choreographed contemporary dance production that manages to not make contemporary dance the key focus. The dance seamlessly integrates with the theatrical elements of the story with the audience hardly noticing the shift. This makes the production extremely accessible to people who would not normally attend dance theatre. Whether you’re a dance lover or not, if you like live theatre or even comedy/dramas at the movies and are willing to open yourself up to new experiences, you should find Wolf a very gratifying and memorable experience.

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